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Why your business needs a website

Help your customers find you...

You have a product or service that you wish to sell and out there are people are wanting to buy. They just need to know what you have to offer.

Multiple studies confirm that consumers report using the internet first (80% of the time) when they need a new product or service.*

Having a web presence is vital for every business.
Not being online is costing you new customers.

Statistic: Business to Consumer e-commerce volume in the United States from 2002 to 2013 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Every year more and more people are turning to an online marketplace for the ease and simplicity. Even if you have a restaraunt and do not have an website with a menu then tonight you probably you lost a customer to a competitor that does.

Whether it be a simple informational site, an online menu with contact information, all the way to a ecommerce site you need to be online to survive in business today.

No Genies Needed

I have the necessary skills and knowledge to design, create and maintain websites that are well-coded, efficient, aesthetically pleasing, data-driven and user-friendly. Most importantly I can help you get your message out to your customers.

It doesn't take a genie to get you a successful website that shows a real ROI, it takes the experience and knowledge of a professional.

Contact me today for a free consultation on how I can design your online presence to best suit your needs!

Help you reach your customers...

“Facebook has 1.32 billion people using the site each month”

“The average American now spends 40 minutes a day checking a Facebook feed”

What is the value to you of all this social media activity? Nothing, unless this activity generates the behavior you want as a business owner or manager. Being able to capitalize on this “social capital” is where the value is to you.

Sounds simple, but many businesses and social media “experts” simply don’t know how to filter through the noise to communicate the value to both the consumer and the business. That’s where I come in…

Social media is a great way to reach out to your existing customers and deliver a message to them as loyal and valuable customers. It is also a great way to help encourage "word of mouth" spread of your message.

Social business is a process that radically changes the way companies (who understand how to leverage social media networks) do business. Every business should become more socially aware of how they are perceived by their audiences. By conducting proper social business, the following benefits can be achieved:

  • Awareness of how people is interacting in digital experiences.
  • Understand the sentiment your audience feels about your brand.
  • Build consumer confidence and trust.
  • Cost-efficient ways of finding new customers.
  • Think of social networks as your online customer service department.

Remember, people do business with people, not companies; if you’re not leveraging online channels, you’re losing customers.

Engage them!

It’s time to engage with someone who truly understands social business

Contact me today for a free evaluation and put social media to work for you today!

Social Media Services


  • Build and optimize your profile on Yelp
  • Build and optimize your profile on Google Search, Maps and Google+.
  • Reply to positive reviews on Yelp and Google to build long-term relationships †
  • Reply to negative reviews on Yelp and Google to control any damage †
  • Request removal of inappropriate reviews on Yelp and Google
  • Design offers to attract customers on Yelp and Google
  • Reward customers for telling their friends about their visit to your business
  • Make announcements about special events on Google +


Includes all features of the Basic Plan

  • Build and optimize your profiles on Facebook & Twitter
  • Write original messages to spread word of mouth on Facebook and Twitter †
  • Respond to comments on Facebook and Twitter †
  • Broadcast specials on Facebook and Twitter to encourage loyalty and grow your business
  • Thank customers after their visits
  • Post messages your provide to Facebook and Twitter

Website Portfolio

Candy's Creative Cakes

This website was created for a local cake designer.

For this site I started from scratch and built a custom gallery which pulls images from the owners Flickr's account. When she uploads a new picture to Flickr (in a defined set of images) it will appear on her page in the gallery. Using this method allowed the user to be able to rearrange the order of photos via Flickr and it allowed me to not recreate all the functionality available already. Also having the images come from Flickr's website also reduced the traffic from the site's host server and increased the overall speed of the site. Additionally this site is created using Semantic Markup and all pages are editable (at least the text/image content of the pages) via the custom CMS I created. PHP pages are viewed by the end user which use include to pull the html content pages (which are editable by the owner of the site via the CMS). A change made in one php file will propagate throughout all pages.

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Candy's Creative Cakes

File Upload Site

While I worked at AGS Publishing proofing materials were sent to clients via USPS as files were much to large for email at the time. Needless to say a great deal of time was spent waiting for the proofs to return..

In order to lower the overall production time it was decided to develop a method of processing digital proofs. The website had the requirement of being simple to use for people with limited technical skills. The system links uploads and downloads to user accounts and e-mails were automatically sent by the system to let users know a proof was waiting for them as well. Use of this online proofing system dramatically reduced the production time of nearly all jobs in production.

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AGS file upload site

Graysmarsh Farm

Graysmarsh Farm in Sequim, WA contacted me to clean up their dated website and make it more user friendly.

The new design is a responsive layout which is mobile & tablet friendly as well as being a clean and modern design. The site makes use of Bootstrap framework is designed to adjust itself to the size of the viewers screen which makes the usability of the site a great experience for everyone.

In addition to the main site I also redid the store to work with their new merchant service. One goal on this project was to keep costs low so many open source solutions were used.

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AGS file upload site

Smallball Clan Association Manager

Clan Wars is a website I wrote to create and monitor a large scale tournament for an online baseball game. The website was a tracking system used to monitor games played by users of the online game Smallball Opens in a new window. It can be considered to be an addon to an existing game which I do not own, but was a part of the game community.

The users have formed groups called "clans" and each year these clans compete to see who is the best. In years past the entire tournament was held in a bracket style system that required a lot of work on the part of the administrators of the tournament. I decided to create a web application that could automate the process. Unfortunately I decided to offer this to the game community one week before the event, so the entire site was written and tested within one week. The focus was on function over presentation. It mattered more what it did than how it looked.

The system creates invitations to allow users to register. There is a hierarchy to the clan structure and I, being the Admin of this system, create invitation tickets for the Clan Leaders. They were then able to create their clan and input data such as clan logo, website, etc.. The clan leaders are given a set of invitation codes to distribute to their users so they can in turn register on the system as a member of that clan. User registration was a quick and painless process due to the system already knowing a good deal about the user prior to their completing the registration form. It was required that users have a team (from Smallball) in the game and an account on the official game forums. The user only had to provide their username, a password they wanted to use and their team id (from Smallball). Using cURl functions the system logs in on the smallball forums (using my account) and sends the person a private message to complete the registration. This method is used to limit cheating since the forums are moderated by a team who monitor user accounts. It spared me from having to create more safeguards into the system.

Once everyone is registered and ready to begin the system creates a schedule of play over a period of multiple weeks. A good deal of error checking goes into the entire process along the way to prevent user error and cheating of the system. This system does a lot of checking of data versus the webpages of the games using PHP's cURL function. The system also parses boxscores (stats of the games provided by the smallball game itself) that users submit from each game and add all the data to the system. Users are able to then check the stats for a player, team or a clan updated in real time.

This was the largest scale tournament ever seen in the 10 years Smallball has been around. It tracked statistics for clans, individual teams and every player player and a total of 2,000 games. It was no small feat if I do say so myself. I called the system SCAM which stands for Smallball Clan Association Manager.

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Road Manager

Once again I built a system for use with Smallball baseball. This time I created an 'add-on' game which created a rich role playing experience. The system made use of Google Maps to create real time traveling. The concept is that the player is the Manager of the team ( a team from Smallball they own) and they take their team on the road to play other teams. When a user starts out they select a home city which other players can now visit to play against them. As teams play more games they gain fame, the more fame a team has the larger a crowd they draw and the more they can charge for tickets.

Managers can aquire stadiums for their teams play in which have varying requirements. The more famous a team the larger the stadium that can be purchased. These offer differing seating capacity and opportunities for concession sales allowing for more sales during games. There is also maintence and employee costs to be paid per game as well.

As a traveling manager they also must have a means of transport and there are a variety of buses available to be purchased. Each bus has unique stats such as miles per gallon and maximum speed. Each also has a hidden statistic which controls the frequency of breakdown and end of life based upon total miles.

The GPS portion of the game utilizes the Google Maps API and interacts with the database to gather information on the players current location and available destinations (places other players have selected as their home towns). When traveling users are given a 'live' GPS to follow the status of their journey. Routes are plotted in a straight line and not a realistic route as would be driven.

Sadly this game is no longer live on the web to see in action.

Road Manager

Southern Oregon Whitesox Little League

Southern Oregon Whitesox is a youth baseball team.

For this site I created a complete CMS system which manages players stats & bios, a calender for their schedule and photo gallery.

It was designed to allow the team to use the site for many years by assigning a year to everything. It would create an archive of all previous players for years to come. The coaches are able to input their schedule and later add statistics for that game when it is played. Season stats are tabulated by the site and everything is stored in the SQL database. The photo gallery has a tagging feature to identify players and link that to their bios all from the main CMS admin. To facilitate the uploading of photos to the site I created a Winodows application that resizes the photos and uploads them to the proper places on the server.

The coaches wished to have some statistics only visible by using a login system, such as on player bios. A user management feature was added to allow access control by the admins.

I also created the logo for them as they were using the Chicago WhiteSox logo. The version I created for them now adorns their uniforms as well as the website.

Notice also player images are placed into a 1987 Topps baseball card frame, one of my favorite parts of the site. This was generated using only CSS and did not require a frame created for each player as an image.

Sadly this website no longer appears to be live on the web to see in action.

Front End

Player Bios

Front End

CMS Backend

Homes~Land Magazine Online

This website is the online version of a monthly publication.

The content for the site is pulled directly from the InDesign files of the magazine using an Applescript I have written. The magazine is laid out using specific groups and styles which the applescript recognizes. The script does the following:

  • Parses the data of each listing.
  • Determines the agent or agency for that listing.
  • Processes the property image via Photoshop creating 3 image sizes; large, medium, thumbnail.
  • Looks up the address of the property online
  • Finds additional information about the property including the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, square footage, year built.
  • Geocodes the location of the home for mapping.
  • Posts the data via cURL to a PHP file on the server which stores it in MySQL database.
  • Uploads the images via cURL

This is all done with the click of a button with no interaction from the user.

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Homes~Land Magazine

Hot Properties

This website is the online version of a weekly publication.

The content for the site is pulled directly from the InDesign files of the print publication using an Applescript I have written. The ads are laid out using specific groups and styles which the applescript recognizes. The script does the following:

  • Parses the data of each listing.
  • Determines the agent or agency for that listing.
  • Processes the property image via Photoshop creating 3 image sizes; large, medium, thumbnail.
  • Looks up the address of the property online
  • Geocodes the location of the home for mapping.
  • Creates an XML file and posts the file on the server.
  • Uploads the images via cURL

This is all done with the click of a button with no interaction from the user.

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Hot Properties

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Experienced in advertising design, page layout, and commercial print production. Years of experience as an in-house graphic designer for publishing companies has given me an eye for detail while working under budget and before deadline.

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